Energy Services

Going Green Starts At Home.

While “going green” is a growing trend, EANDC’s Energy Services programs have been making homes more environmentally healthy and energy efficient for Akron’s families for more than 20 years.

EANDC offers consumer education and a wide range of free services to promote safe, environmentally friendly and affordable homeownership.

Bring your energy bills down while you warm your home up in the winter and cool it in the summer!

EANDC has a long history of providing weatherization services to families in East Akron and Summit County through federal and local funding sources. 


Electric Partnership Program (EPP):

Funded by Ohio Department of Development

Save Energy and Money. EANDC’s Electric Partnership Program (EPP) improves efficiency in households by:

  • • Performing in-home energy assements
  • • Installing compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • • Installing new, energy star refrigerators and freezers
  • • Installing thermal energy efficiency measures for electric heated homes
  • • Consumer Education

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • • Be a First Energy/Ohio Edison or American Electric Power customer with 12 months of usage
  • • Electric bill and application in the name of someone living IN the home
  • • Electric usage of at least 5000 Kilowatt hours of electricity during the last 12 months minus heat and A/C
  • • Either be on PIPP or meet the Electric Partnership Income Guidelines

EPP Application 

EPP Income Guidelines 2015

Landlord Authorization 

Funded by The Department of Energy

EANDC’s Home Weatherization Assistance Program increases energy efficiency in the home through:

  • • Attic, wall and basement insulation
  • • Minor furnace repairs
  • • Duct work
  • • Air sealing measures
  • • Health and safety testing and inspections
  • • Hot water heater replacements (limited availability)
  • • Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • • Plate Pals for climate control monitoring
  • • Consumer Education


To be eligible for the HWAP program, households must meet the Home Weatherization Assistance Program Income Guidelines for the number of people in the home. The house cannot have been weatherized since September 1994. This program is open to homeowners and tenants.

HWAP Comment/Contact Page:


HouseWarming Program:

Funded by Dominion East Ohio Gas

Weatherize and Economize EANDC’s HouseWarming Program assists households in Summit County with:

  • • Sidewall and attic insulation
  • • Furnace repairs/replacements
  • • Furnace clean and tunes
  • • Health and safety inspections
  • • Air sealing measures
  • • Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors
  • • Consumer Education


Participants must live in Summit County and meet 2015 HWAP Income Requirements

Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) Application *


*The applications for HWAP and HouseWarming are the same*


Community Connections Program (CCP) from First Energy :

Already applied to an EANDC program? You may be eligible for additional services. Clients that already participate in one of Energy Service’s weatherization programs, can receive additional services. The program services rental and owner-occupied households so they can receive added services such as:

  • • Electric
  • • Electrical repairs and upgrades
  • • Electrical appliance replacements (refrigerators, freezers, limited electric stove replacements)
  • • Compact florescent light bulbs
  • • Consumer Education


Emergency Home Repair Program (EHRP):

Funded by Akron Community Foundation, Ohio Northern Golf Charities, GAR Foundation, Welty Foundation,  Moffitt Foundation, Dominion Foundation, and the Ohio Department of Development

Have a Home Repair Emergency? Call EANDC. Homeowners often find themselves in need of emergency repairs that threaten the basic stability and safety of their homes. EANDC’s Emergency Home Repair Program meets the needs of individuals and families by providing emergency repairs, such as:

  • • Hot water tank replacements
  • • Minor furnace, plumbing and gas line repairs
  • • Handicapped railings and grab bars
  • • Toilet repairs
  • • Door repairs/replacements
  • • Minor repairs such as sump pump

To be eligible, applicants must:

From weatherization and insulation, to CFLs and appliance replacements, EANDC’s free energy services help homeowners save money by cutting utility costs while making their home more energy efficient.  


10 Tips for Saving Energy At Home


  1. 1. Turn off lights before leaving a room
  2. 2. Use daylight as much as possible instead of lamps
  3. 3. Line dry your clothing
  4. 4. Put on warmer clothes instead of turning a furnace or space heater up
  5. 5. Use small fans instead of air conditioners
  6. 6. Unplug appliances and home electronics when not in use
  7. 7. Clean lint filter in your dryer after each use
  8. 8. Turn off TV when not in use
  9. 9. Close registers in rooms not in use
  10. 10. Continue to seek education on electricity gas savings


Visit the Energy Hog website for more ideas on how to save energy. It’s fun for all ages! There are educational games for children and information for adults. For more information on Energy Services programs contact