Neighborhood Reinvestment

Neighborhood Reinvestment

There are over 500 lots in East Akron that are vacant because of the foreclosure crisis. Many of them are eyesores that drag down property values, encouraging trash dumping and attracting crime.

In 2013, EANDC hired the Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) to assist with the creation of the East Akron Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (EANRP), which promotes the reuse of vacant lots and encourages the transformation of those lots into neighborhood assets. The CUDC is nationally known for creative approaches and best practices related to vacant land reuse and neighborhood revitalization.

EANDC partners with community members and leaders to implement EANRP recommendations. We have transformed vacant lots into pocket parks, gardens and neighborhood pedestrian paths. We continue to work with residents to identify opportunities to repurpose more vacant land.

EANDC is focusing on housing development in East Akron; we recently developed 30 single-family homes on former vacant lots in the area around Robinson Community Learning Center.

For information on vacant land reuse initiatives or EANDC’s development initiatives in East Akron, please contact Kyle Julien, Director of Urban Planning at 330-773-6838 or email at

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