East Akron Revitalization

Revitalizing East Akron

EANDC grew out of community organizing efforts that began in East Akron during the 1970s. The goal was to improve access to safe and affordable housing , and we are still working in that tradition today through the strategic redevelopment of properties in East Akron, and through our work addressing the problem of vacant land in the neighborhood.

In 2004, EANDC transformed a brownfields site at the corner of Exchange and Arlington into Middlebury Marketplace, bringing a full-service Dave’s Supermarket to an urban area that had lacked access to fresh produce.

Middlebury Marketplace includes several neighborhood amenity businesses, and the most recent addition is a clinic operated by Akron Children’s Hospital. More than 160 jobs have been created through this single development

EANDC works to strengthen East Akron by bringing new investments in housing and commercial development to the neighborhood. We address the problem of vacant land by implementing the East Akron Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.

We also work to build a sense of community in East Akron by sponsoring neighborhood events and opportunities.

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